Confessions of a mum attempting Plastic Free July – Part Two

Ok guys, so we are 10 days in and I think we can safely say there have been successes and there have been failures.

Top three successes:

  1. I have not had a coffee from a takeaway cup in almost two weeks!
  2. I have purchased groceries and/or other shopping items and not used a plastic bag. This even included me asking the teller the other day if I could use the basket from the shop for an hour, take it home with me and return back to them later (as I had forgotten all my keep bags)
  3. NO WATER BOTTLES. N to the O.

Top three failures:

  1. Straws!! Ugh. I have used at least 3-5 straws this past week. And my only excuse is that I didn’t think or even remember what I was about to consume would include a straw. Daughter dates for milkshakes and healthy smoothies. I chose the right thing for my body over the wrong thing for the world. Sorry! Im learning….
  2. Kombucha juice. Although I am refusing water bottles, I realised I am still purchasing juices and drinks in single use bottles. This is my next nemesis. See above, trying to be healthy…. need to think of other ways.
  3. Glad wickety Wrap. I had some left over in my drawer and used it…. Im ashamed. And its now out of my sight so never again!

Unintended positives…

  • I think I have walked many more steps this week than past weeks. I continually leave my keep cup and shopping bags in the car and general realise as I walk into the cafe or supermarket. Then cue my guilt which is so strong a force it turns me around, marches me back to my car and then I get the goods and repeat the process and steps… Plastic Free July guilt fitness.
  • I am a domestic goddess (*im not at all) and washing up more frequently. The need to have my ‘keep cup’ ready to go at all times means I tend to just wash up the rest of whatever is laying around. This is major for me. Im usually the washing up procrastinator… kinda like the terminator…. but not.
  • I joined a food co-op. Refusing to buy my fruit and veg from ALDI due to all the wasteful packing and plastic, I asked around and found out our local community has a fruit and veg co-op. A box a week for some local volunteering. Lov’nit!
  • Consciousness of plastic and waste in general has MAJORLY increased. Im seeing it everywhere. And as I refuse, Im noticing how much I meaningless didn’t notice in the past. Also see my basket photo above, which I took home and returned later… well see the contents and you will understand why I am suddenly starting to realise the importance of buying in bulk to avoid all the packing things come in. It is seriously everywhere!

So theres my confession… week two/three here we come!

Mel x

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