Consumption that feels good!

Want to know something crazy? December, which means Christmas, which means holidays, summer, family feasting and fun, is just over 3 months away! (Actually, I just googled it, and its 107 days or 15.5 weeks for those playing at home).

 Is it just me, or is that blowing your mind too?! I feel like this year was just getting going and now the end is nigh… Like remember all those memes and tweets about the year that was 2016? The year of Trump, Brexit, our biggest modern humanitarian crisis…. Yeah that cluster bomb that was 2016?! Well now we’ve come another 9mths from then end of that disaster and we are here in September, the beginning of spring and the beginning of the end of 2017. That is crazzzzzzzyyyy…

So almost serendipitously yesterday I received my only magazine monthly subscription in the post from New internationalist

(Here is my little public confession: I used to revel in reading my magazines, but I feel like since my wonderful-marvellous-busy-exhausting MGC entered my world, my productivity is at an all-time low. My brains currently ability to indulge anything too information, fact and research heavy and digest it is at an all-time low! BUT, I refuse to give up on this subscription, which to soothe my troubled mind is conveniently made on recycled paper. I’m still holding out hope each time I stare at my collection that I will miraculously find a quiet weekend, a sunny little nook and devour them all someday soon…yeah right?!)

For anyone interested in more information about NI, visit their website linked above. In short it “is an independent monthly not-for-profit magazine that reports on action for global justice and is funded by subscriptions from our supporters”. Talk about a MGC type publication hey?

NI Logo

Ok so the wonderful *scary part of the arrival of my subscription, was included with the magazine this month was the annual “Sustainable and ethical gift giving guide”. I legit LOVE this guide. It’s got a range of products which make consumption feel like a slightly righteous exercise for the bleeding heart of the world. They pour mind, soul and research into finding and featuring products that benefit people and planet at this time of year, rather than exploit them. Receiving this three months out from that crazy-time-in-the-calendar-year-where-a-religious-celebratio-seems-to-paradoxly-turn-into-a-selfish-exercise-into-consumtoin-and-waste-in-the-name-of-family-and-community aka: Christmas, was firstly; a good reminder to try and be one of those organised mums, daughters, sisters, wife etc. etc. this year and get my arse into gift giving gear AND also make the time to be considerate in my gift giving. Considerate of those I am buying for and those I am buying from. The whole production line.

Ok, so all this post is really a longwinded rant trying to say to you all get on the New Internationalist website and get shopping! Or even better get or give a subscription of NI to the social and environmental warriors in your world! Or the ones you think could become them! Whats better than the gift of ideas right?!! Don’t feel the need to get sucked into the consumption cycle… But if you do or feel obligated etc etc or even if you’re bored, or just procrastinating, get on to the website and Perouse! Perouse! Perouse! Why don’t you even fill your cart a few times and get distracted and forget you were shopping and get to in another time? *realtalk

We will be sharing some more good gif giving sites/apps/locations over the new few months. So stay tuned! Also if you are an retailer, artisan ect. with a focus on ethical and sustainable production please give us a holla so we can can share your details! We would love to hear from you. Mini Global Citizens is the most inclusive place on the internet 🙂

Mucho love Big and Mini Global Citizens, Mel x


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