Deep down the rabbit hole, lost in a plastic free adventure…

We are officially into the third week of #plasticfreejuly How is everyone doing??

Our household we would give ourselves a 7/10 for last weeks effort. I am definitely experiencing that age old revelation that the more I know, the less I know.

As we have scratched the surface with the beginning of going plastic free by taking on the big 4 offenders – coffee cups, straws, plastic bottles and bags. I am now seeing the dreaded stuff everywhere! Unnecessarily everywhere!

My toothbrush, food packaging, on mail…its everywhere!

This has led me down the rabbit hole, supported by the force that is google. I am finding all sorts of wild and wonderful blogs, Pinterest pages and products. People campaigning and creating so many amazing things to combat this plastic disease we seem to have all caught across the world.

Here are my top three suggested sites you might also like to check out?

  1. For all your plastic free toilet paper needs 🙂
  2. Cosmetics and much more
  3. Stacks of stuff!!

We would love to hear from you…how is plastic free living going? What have you found hard? Easy?

Do you have any favourite places to buy products, or get ideas?

Cheers, Mel

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