Staying connected to the world while we #stayhome

Well, the world looks a little different today then it did just a few short weeks ago. Everyday things seem to be changing, or closing down around us. It’s a unique time to be a global citizen, and perhaps even more so a mini global citizen. The best thing we can do for the world and each other is #stayhome… How bizarre, How bizarre? (that flashback is for all those 90s kids like me)

We could be overwhelmed with the terrible disruption COVID-19 has brought to our lives. The humanitarian crisis being faced by many across our world. But there are enough news reports and coverage on that for now. So here, on this website, we will focus on something a little more positive. Proactive and creative.

Connecting the world. Connecting Kids. While we #stayhome

How? Through learning, activities, projects, a FB community and some other exciting zoom opportunities (stay tuned).

If you, like me, are suddenly stuck/caged/prisoned in your home with you kids 24/7 (while still trying to keep your job, maintain some sort of life balance… pfft… wellbeing, family, marriage et al.) then here’s an opportunity to lean on this website. I will also aim to send out a weekly newsletter with sites, links, activities and ideas. My hope it will be some respite for the soul – with inspiring videos, fun creative projects and simple actions from home.

Over the next while you will find updated opportunities for your kidlets to be involved in this growing community. We are going global, from the local.

Together we will be learning about people across our world. By harnessing kids creativity to problem solve and create a better world and most excitingly invoking that extraordinary childlike compassion and curiosity.

The most important thing about this mini global citizen community is it is a collaborate project. We love to connect with like-minded families, kids, adults, species of all types who want to be the change, they wish to see in the world. 

Please! – comment and share things on our Facebook, email and pass any resources on to share with our MGC community. We would love to connect with you. 

Keep being you in the world!

Big Love, Mel

p.s If you haven’t seen it already, I have put together a FREE 2-week Kickstarter guide of activities for your kids to get started with going global, staying connected while we all #stayhome

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