Whats it like to be a refugee?

Last year The Guardian UK gave children from Britain the opportunity to ask other child refugees across the world questions about the refugee crisis and what their lives were like.

This video cuts out the blur and statistics that the media are reporting and instead brings it all back to humanity connecting, the only way only children to children can. We think this is great viewing for #miniglobalcitizens, their families and communities.

UNHCR reports that over half of the world’s refugees are children and many will spend their entire childhoods away from home, sometimes separated from their families. They may have witnessed or experienced violent acts and, in exile, are at risk of abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation, trafficking or military recruitment.

But children are incredibly resilient. By learning, playing and exploring their skills, they can find ways to cope, drawing strength from their families and communities.

We will be writing more on how we can stay connected and support child refugees across our world in coming days.


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